Data Backup & Recovery

We prepare your company for the worst and get you back up and running in no time

Hard drive failures, power outages, and computer viruses never come at a convenient time. Unless you have reliable data backups, you can lose all your hard work and essential customer information in an instant. Epptech helps small companies collect, manage, and protect their data to ensure it's restorable in the event of a natural or man-made catastrophe.

Our rock-solid data backup and recovery strategy compresses and encrypts your data to not just one, but two state-of-the-art data centers, where it is monitored 24 hours a day with a comprehensive security system, including strict access control and video surveillance. Nobody can guarantee when a ransomware attack or tornado incident will hit your locale. But when it strikes, our team will ensure that your critical data is kept intact and recovered quickly to mitigate the consequences that could devastate your business.

Epptech’s Data Backup & Recovery give you:

  • Geo-Redundant Backups – Your critical assets are continually backed up at two separate physical locations to ensure high availability
  • Optimal Server Environment – Our data centers come complete with HVAC and redundant chillers from the data cabling paths to the server racks
  • Power Protection – Our data centers are equipped with backup batteries and natural gas generators against complete power failures
  • Cost Savings – Your business data is backed up, secured, and monitored for a predictable monthly fee without spending on any data center infrastructure costs

Managed IT Services

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Cybersecurity Solutions

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